I am a wife, mother, Advanced CrossFit Competitor, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Coach. I am a woman who understands the importance of living a fit life. As a nutrition coach, I am well versed on goal-oriented dieting practices but like many others, I needed accountability. Sara, at Barbell Kitchen, has been nothing short of amazing. Her gentle encouragement assisted me through a life-long battle of relationships with food. I’ve experienced the struggles that many women have faced and have seen positivity come from changing my focus and relationship on the way I feel rather than the way I look. With Sara, I am encouraged by weight gain as I eat to develop muscle mass and strength. In 100 days, I have seen a 15lb PR on my Clean and a 10lb PR on my Snatch. Her developed system of tracking macros on a daily basis has provided the tools I needed to measure my progress and maintain consistency throughout my training. Whether you are striving for a new goal weight or searching to develop a positive relationship with food, Sara at Barbell Kitchen will guide you every step of the way and leave you feeling excited with the person you’ve become.

Lauren Allen CPT (Owner of L.A.FitLife)

Lauren A. Carlsbad, CA

People who say “abs are made in the kitchen” are assholes. Unfortunately, they are also right. I’ve always been a fairly slender person – blessed with good metabolism and time to work out a few days a week. I’ve never had to diet, and my workouts have never had much focus. I’m a runner, so I’d run a few days a week and then maybe hit up a yoga class or core class if I had time. While my husband was deployed, I set a personal goal to develop six pack abs. I had no idea how to get started and thought immediately of Sara.
When I first sat down with Sara, she was very clear about the work it would take to achieve a six pack – both in the gym and in the kitchen. She developed a 5 day a week workout plan for me that incorporated cardio and strength training along with plenty of ab work. She made it flexible so it would work with my schedule.  For diet she put me on a flexible eating plan and provided plenty of resources on how to stay on track. She checked in with me weekly and was always available via email, text or phone to answer any questions that came up. She provided constant support but also knew when to challenge me.  Seeing the look on my husband’s face when he came home made all the work worth it.

Susan R. Kailua, HI

I am an ex collegiate athlete and current healthcare professional, so health and fitness have been a part of my daily life for as long as I can remember. For years, even when competing as a swimmer, it has been a struggle to find an eating program I can live with and stick to. A month ago I started flex dieting with Sara as my guide and inspiration. Working full time and with a 4 month old at home, I need a program that can change as quickly as my day does. In the first month alone, I have been able to eat funfetti cupcakes, drink beer AND still lose 10 lbs!! I couldn’t be happier and more grateful to Sara for introducing me to the concept of flex dieting which allows me to live a normal but healthy lifestyle.

Nikoll B. San Marcos, CA

Sara has been an inspiration throughout my fitness journey.. I mean come on look at her 😉 Through her nutritional program I was able to learn the importance of moderation vs binge eating on my favorite snacks & treats. There is no need to cut out foods that make your tastes buds go wild- everything is OK in moderation. That’s not to say I was throwing down donuts everyday because the reality of it is you need to fuel your body with nutrient dense foods to feel and perform at your best. I highly recommend Sara for her positive attitude, accountability and a reality check- she will encourage, support and cater to whatever your fitness goals may be. Its important to invest in your health and self now you don’t have to later.

Jenn T. Encinitas, CA

I just did measurements on Oct. 2. I am at 146.7 lbs and 27.3% Bfat. I started counting macros on June 1. In 17 weeks (including vacation) I have lost 13.8 lbs, 3.3% Bfat, and a total of 16.5 inches!! That’s bananas. But the best part is – I feel like I know why and what to do to keep going. There’s no more guessing, no more “Oh shit, what’s that bite of cookie going to do to me?” Nope, when we were on vacation I knew just maintaining would be a victory because we drank beer, ate burgers, and definitely indulged. But, I hit my protein goal every day and I knew I could maintain – came home and had lost a pound! Thank you! I love this way of life! Makes me feel like I’m in total control. This is so awesome to me!! You rock!!

Kat T., Solana Beach, CA